Professional tripod for TZT

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Sturdy professional tripod customized for use with the TrueZeroTarget Rapid Deployment models

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Customized tripod for the TrueZeroTarget Rapid Deployment models

This is a sturdy heavy-duty tripod with video head for precision alignment of the TrueZeroTarget.

Custom short anti-rotation center column and as wide as 85 degree leg angles makes this the ideal solution for movable setup in moderate winds.

We bought and tried several tripods from unknown as well as brand-name makers before we decided on this model.

It satisfies the following criteria for use with the TrueZeroTarget Rapid Deployment models:

  1. Precision alignment of sensor bar within 1/20 of a degree
  2. Lockable head
  3. High load capacity
  4. Stable in windy conditions
  5. Ability to position low to the ground

Apart from satisfying the above criteria it sets up in seconds and thanks to easy operation of legs and video head.

To comply with the last point we specified our custom extra short 15 cm short center column for the tripod. This places the tripod mounting screw 20cm above the ground and the top of the quick release plate 29cm avove the ground.

The top of the TrueZeroTarget when mounted is 41cm above the ground. 

This is low enough for practical use as a mobile target. Unless you're on flat ground you'll find rocks or terrain features to protect the sensor bar.

For your camera or telescope as well

This is a professional tripod of the highest quality and can be used with any telescope or camera system.

To make life easier, you can buy a separate quick detach plate for the TZT e-target and use the original for your camera or telescope.

How to use with the TrueZeroTarget

For use with the TrueZeroTarget, mount the tripod adapter on the underside of the sensor bar.

Remove the quick detach plate from the video head and mount it on the adapter.

We strongly suggest you use the custom quick detach plate with a longer 1/4-20 screw. The plate comes with two self-tapping screws to make sure the sensor bar does not rotate on the quick detach plate.

Attach the calibration sight mount to the sensor bar.

In the field, make sure the TZT sensor bar is well protected by a terrain feature, sandbags or similar. Also make sure the sensors are not in the sound shadow as this will make shots go undetected. There should be a 45 degree angle ftom top of the protection to the lowermost sensor to avoid this.

Click the assembly on to the tripod. Insert the calibration sight rod in the well on the mount. Make sure the index plunger is fully depressed.

Adjust the video head and use the scope to aim directly at the shooter's position. Lock video head, remove calibration sight and insert target. Make sure the TrueZeroTarget is switched on before moving to the shooting postion.

A word of caution

Use this tripod with the TZT in low or moderate winds only. The target catches a lot of wind. The tripod may topple over and the sensor bar may be damaged. A constant buffeting by the wind may also upset the alignment of the sensors with incorrect hit coordinates as a result.

We therefore recommend the portable field mount or the fixed range mount for areas prone to suffer high winds. 

  • Type of tripod: Professional
  • Max height: 1800 mm
  • Min height: 200 mm tripod mounting screw / 280mm top of quick release plate / 415mm top of TrueZeroTarget
  • Leg angles: 22°, 52°, 72° 
  • Folded height: 650 mm
  • Load capacity: 16kg
  • Tripod weight: 3.5kg
  • Type of head: 2-handle 3-way lockable
  • Quick release plate: Yes, lockable
  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Number of sections: 4
  • Locking system: Flip locks
  • Feet: Rubber + spikes
  • Center column: Non-rotating, lockable
  • Length of center column: 150 mm
  • Spring loaded accessory hook on center column: Yes
  • Invertable center column: Yes
  • Compass on tripod body:  Yes
  • Bubble level on tripod body: Yes
  • Camera mounting screw: 1/4-20 UNF
  • Tripod mounting screw: 3/8-16 UNF
  • Shipping size: 16 x 16 x 80 cm
  • Shipping weight: 4 kg
  • HS Code: 90069100


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